More students

The size of Tuesday classes are growing but Thursday’s don’t seem to have the same appeal. No doubt that will change given time as Dawn San has been spreading word of the dojo.  She gained some interest from an old friend who used to practice Budokan a few decades ago and who was keen to get back to Karate.  Bryan San didn’t appear to have forgotten a great deal over the years and he took to training with vigour.

Dawn San also introduced Santina San to the dojo.  Like Dawn San, Santina San had never done a Martial Art before but she enjoyed her first lesson so much that she rushed out and brought a Gi and has been a regular ever since.

The techniques we focussed on during August were Gedan Barrai, Oi Zuki and Mae Geri and we used Kara Zuki, Taikyoko Shodan and Kihon Yon Dosa as our platform.  The progress of all the new students is very encouraging, which I can only attribute to their commitment.


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