Renchi Sensei’s 1st visit

September was a big month!

It was the month Jamie San started with us, and like Santina San, he fell over himself to get a gi.  His first lesson was a busy one with plenty of other students but he seemed to handle things well and stepped up to the mark.

Elna, a friend of Dawn San, visited us for a lesson.  Elna is working towards her Shodan in Jui Jitsu and was interested in our style so came to find out more.  Whilst our style is very different to hers she kept up and seemed to have a great time.  It was fantastic to have her visit and we wish her all the best in her pursuit of her Shodan.

The highlight of the month was the two day visit from Renchi Sensei McCormmick. We all learnt numerous things during both sessions and all agreed there was never enough time.

September currently holds the record for the largest class.  A massive seven! Onwards and upwards.

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