Blasts from the past

October was our busiest month since re-opening and holds the record for the largest class to date – nine students.  Santina San brought her friend Alison along to try a lesson and she happened to turn up on our busiest ever day.  It was a loud and energetic night that night and I think we scared her away.  The focus of this month’s training was the introduction of Mae Geri as well as the Tai-Sabaki excercises and basic Kumite.  All our white belts are doing incredibly well and I think a grading is on the horizon.

Any visitors to our club are always welcome, however a visit from a Chidokan Karate-Ka of the past is something of a special event.  During October we were  contacted by Rizal who used to train with Chidokan in the 80’s.  I think the experience of stepping back in the old dojo brought back some long forgotten memories for him.  Despite his time away from the dojo, Rizal remembers a great deal and put in a sterling effort for his first return visit.

Also, it was an honour to have a visit from both Sensei Alexander and Sensei Bourne and their assistance and guidance during each of their visits were greatly appreciated.

Oh, and we were so close to getting a visit from Sensei Podda!  Maybe next month.



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