November Gasshuku 2013

The November Gasshuku was held at Tocal between 1st and 3rd November and was a challenging, painful and highly rewarding event.  Soshi Sensei Hudson took us back to basics on the Friday evening session with Gyaku-Zuki and Oi-Zuki.  He also worked us through components of Heian Shodan using the Chidokan exercises as a basis.

Saturday morning began with an enormous breakfast of bacon and eggs with an hour of Oi-Zuki for dessert.  We spent some time on the punching techniques in Heian Shodan before partnering up and looking at applications. The mid morning session concluded the diagnosis of Heian Shodan (Shute-Uke) with a heavier focus on Bunkai before partnering up for Kumite exercises.  Partnering with Soshi Sensei Hudson is an experience that I am unable to articulate.  Let’s just say I’m glad he’s on my side!  Saturday afternoon was all about Heian Sandan and included practising the various components in the Chidokan exercises and examining the applications.

The First session on Sunday was a recap of Friday’s session with a heavier focus on application.  The weekend concluded with a recap of Heian Sandan and Godan plus Tekki Shodan. I returned to Sydney with aches, pains, many questions and a handful of answers.


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