Christmas time

As Christmas approached I expected class sizes to get smaller but I was wrong. Students kept to their normal routine and some even came to additional classes throughout the weeks.  In response, and probably because its a time for giving, I ramped things up a lot.  For the last class of the year I introduced Kihon Uke Kame San to the lower grades and developed it up to Happo Geri. Its amazing how much energy you can burn in a very small space.

After class we all headed up to the Crows Nest Hotel to slake our thirst.  It was a fun night with tales of the past years of Chidokan as well as ideas and suggestions for the coming years of Chidokan. At the end of the evening we all left with the intention of training over the Christmas break.  True to form, Terry San joined me at Oval No 2 in St Leonards Park for a few early morning sessions and we were pleased to be joined by Santina San.

I’d like to thank all the students for being an important part of helping make the first year of Chidokan a reality.  I’d also like to thank Soshi Sensei Hudson for allowing me to open the Sydney Dojo and Renshi Sensei McCormick, Sensei Podda and Sensei Alexander for their support.   It’s been a fantastic beginning with many more great years to come.

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