Age Uke

The first lesson back for the year started at 7am on a Monday morning and there was a great turn out.  The theme for January was Age Uke which we practised it in all the main exercise like Kihon Yon Dosa, Kihon Uke Kame San, Tai Sabaki, Kara Zuki and even Kihon Kata.

During January we were joined for one lesson by Stephanie, a Shodan from a different Shotokan club.  She enjoyed training with us and everyone benefited from having another Shodan to train with. It’s reassuring to know that while there are so many different Shotokan clubs in Australia and around the world, they all have the same foundation which makes it easy to go and train with any other club.  I’d go so far as to recommend doing so every once in a while.

The Dan grades have been working hard in preparation for the February Gasshuku in Tocal.  The topics of the Gasshuku are always light on detail so you never know what to expect, except that it’ll include many, many hours of lots of hard work!

Finally, many thanks to Sensei Halliday and Sempai Riz for taking the class for most of Jan.  They did a great job.

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