Uchi Uke

The challenge for this month was the introduction of Uchi Uke into our Kihon exercises as well as to explore the Kata that include it.

I find the most effective way to teach (and learn) a technique is through repetition but that can become boring. Thankfully we have numerous Kihon exercises to make the repetition a great deal more fun. Also, Kihon allows all students to train together, albeit with slight variations across the grades.

So most of February was spent doing Uchi uke in all directions using Kihon-Yon-Dosa, Kihon-Ukekame-Ichi, Ni & San, Kara-Zuki-Ni & San, Kihon-Kata-Yon and Taekyoko-Shodan.

I think it worked!

Also, it was great to have another visit from Stephanie of City Shotokan again and we hope to see her back again soon.

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