Four students were awarded their grading certificates this month.  Bryan, Santina and Jamie were all awarded their 9th Kyu and Terry was awarded his 5th Kyu. Congratulations to all of you!

Gradings for Bryan and Jamie's
Ian, Bryan and Jamie
Gradings for Terry and Santina's
Terry, Dawn, Santina and Riz


Everyone has worked very hard during the past months and these grading certificates are recognition of the effort that has been invested in the dojo as well as outside of class.  It’s sometimes difficult for students to recognise the progression that they have made over time, particularly when some lessons feel as though you are heading backwards, rather than forwards.  Rest assured that each individual step forward or backward is a positive step and you only need to recall your first to really comprehend how far you have come.

Gradings are one way of recognising the achievements you have made or those that other students have made, but they are not the only way.

As Bryan reminded us:

‘Every journey starts with a single step. The harder the step the more rewarding the journey.’

Recognition is especially needed for Terry San who’s been training diligently and patiently for over a decade without the ability to be graded.  His 5th Kyu is well deserved and his dedication is the mark of a true Karate-Ka.

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