A grading, some videos and a boxing lesson

June was a busy month. We had a grading presentation, our website commenced its overhaul and we jumped in the ring with some boxers.

8th Kyu Grading

At the beginning of the month we had a grading presentation for Dawn.  Dawn has been training particularly hard over the past few months and the effort has certainly paid off.  As recognition of this effort she was promoted to 8th Kyu. The next step for her is 7th Kyu, or green belt, and that’s when things begin to get more complicated.

Congratulations Dawn.  Your promotion is well earned.

Tai-Sabaki Videos

Over the next few months this site will be transformed as we include additional content, information on our other Dojos and more interactivity. We will also be adding more content to our training articles, starting with Tai-Sabaki.

The training article on Tai-Sabaki has been updated to include video footage of each of the exercises. There is a slow version and fast version for each as well as a few words to help you through them.

Check it out!

There are also two detailed articles on the applications of Tai-Sabaki by Soshi Sensei Hudson.

More videos will be added in the coming months.

A boxing lesson

The Dan grades have been discussing cross training for some time and have spoken to a number of different combat styles.  We approached the boxing gym at the PCYC and were invited to train with Chy Chuawiwat from Get Fit Boxing (www.getfitboxing.com.au).

There were a couple of objectives we had in training with the boxers.  Firstly, we wanted to see where a boxer is trained to generates his power from compared to a Karate-Ka.  Secondly, we wanted to run through a few self defence situations to see how they would deal with it.  We were also lucky enough to jump in the ring with Chy and have a few rounds of touch sparring.  If only we could have used our kicks!

Many thanks to Chy for the great experience.

Read the detailed article on what we got up and how we went in the ring here.

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