The girls are tougher than the boys during winter

It was a cold July

Only the girls made it to the 7am training sessions during the coldest weeks of winter. They were also the only ones who turned up to the evening classes during our coldest week. Whether it was through choice or circumstance, it was a very disappointing show by the gents.

So as to safe guard against the gents turning soft, we will have a few heavy sessions in the coming weeks to keep them warm!

Santina’s grading

Congratulations go to Santina for her promotion to 8th Kyu. It is well deserved and a reflection of how hard you have been training over the past months. Keep it up!

Videos and newsletters

More training content has been posted to our website including the Tai-Sabaiki video series which has been added to our training articles. There is a slow and a fast video of each of the Tai-Sabaki exercises to help you through each exercise.

This month’s training

The focus of this month’s training was on Tai-Sabaki (link).  There are four exercises that make up the Kihon of Tai-Sabaki and we focused on Ich and Ni in the first half of the month and left San and Shi to the second half of the month. Tai-Sabaki was also used to practice certain moves out of Heian Nidan and Heian Shodan.

The Winter Gasshuku

Preparations for the Winter Gasshuku are well under way. We’ve been working on the Heian Sho Kata and the Bunkai after normal class training. We’ve also been putting in the hours at home, racking up the recommended Zuki and Geri numbers. It promises to be another great Gasshuku and you’ll be able to read about it soon.

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