September was a month for cross training and bunkai

The Gasshuku is only a month or so away so we’ve been working hard in preparation.  We have been focussing on our tools as well as the main Kihon. The intensity of the classes increased throughout the month and it was great to see everyone step up and meet the challenge.

September was also our turn to invite the boxers from git fit boxing to come and cross train with us.  Four of them arrived and they were keen to find out how we train for fast feet and switching up our lead leg during Kumite.

First up we took them through a few rounds of Tai-Sabaki-Ichi.  We started off slowly and gradually built up the speed and all the boxers did well.  It was interesting to see that they kept their shoulders forward and tucked their head in as this meant whilst their feet and hips moved out of the way of the opponent, their head was a perfect target.  To highlight that, we paired up and did a bit of Bunkai to emphasise the key points of Tai-Sabaki.

Next we moved on to a bit of simple Kumite with single, double and triple techniques.  To make things more interesting we alternated the lead feet.  This was a bit of a challenge for the boxers and as we increased the speed, they soon moved back to their natural stance.

Thanks go out to the boxers for coming along.  It was a good session and one we should repeat again soon.

Continuing on the theme of cross training, I  was invited by Peter Watt to train with the HapKiYuSul guys at one of their session.

After a warm up and some basic excercises and rolls, I was paired up with one of their black belts, Stephen, and we went through the first five basic techniques.  We looked at various grabs and strikes and applied the five techniques to each.  I found that, despite the techniques being relatively simple and easy to learn they were incredibly effective, and almost felt effortless.  Quite a contrast to some of the Bunkai of Karate. One thing they had in common with Karate was that all techniques aimed to finish things very quickly and effortlessly.  Unlike the flamboyant throws of some martial arts, these almost appear not to have happened.

Thanks to Peter and his class for letting me join them and I hope I get the chance to train with you again in the near future.

Finally, we had a visit from a Japanese Karate-Ka called Hiroki who was over in Australia on a Karate exchange.  His aim was to get a feel of the martial arts community in Australia and he was trying out as many schools as possible.  It was great to have him and we hope he gets the opportunity to come and visit us again.


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