2014 was a great year

2014 was a great year for Chidokan.

It was a great year in the Dojo with 700 hours of training, 3 Gasshuku and plenty of cross training.

45th Anniversary Gasshuku - Group Photo
45th Anniversary Gasshuku – Group Photo

2014 was the year of our 45th Anniversary Gasshuku, commemorating 45 years since Soshi Sensei Hudson commenced training.  It was a full on weekend of serious training with a decent amount of eating and drinking. Read more here.

In May we celebrated our 1st anniversary of the dojo re-opening, the first of many, many more to come.

I was elected the President of the Australian Federation of Traditional Karate (aftk.asn.au). This coming year will see some changes to the organisation that will benefit all members and their students. The AFTK is an great organisation for any level of Karate students.

Australian Federation of Traditional Karate

Whether you have a chain of dojos or are a individual training alone, the AFTK. The AFTK is a great alternative to the large Karate organisations.

The dan grades got to cross train with a number of different styles at the PCYC. We jumped in the ring with the boxers and got taught a lesson in keeping your guard up. Read the blow by blow account of time in the ring.

We also tried out HapKiYuSul and were amazed at the similarity of our Bunkai with their moves. Read more…

We’re making a splash on the twittersphere with our posts, tweets and vines. More and more people are following us on Twitter and Vine, including Iain Abernethy @iainabernethy. We’ll be getting even more involved next year so watch this space. And our social media connections have opened our eyes up to new and interesting ideas and concepts.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and train hard!

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