Our grading syllabus gets an update

The Chidokan Grading Syllabus

The Chidokan grading syllabus has been in place since the 1960’s. Our syllabus is a comprehensive and balanced approach to Shotokan Karate-Do. Well, that’s what we believe.

Each grade has a defined list of requirements that must be proficiently met by each student for them to be considered for promotion. Students are examined in all areas of traditional Karate including Kihon, Kata and Kumite, with each grade focusing more heavily on some areas that others. In addition to that, students must also exhibit a training spirit that is in line with their level of experience to be considered ready for their next grade.

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing a diverse and practical library of Bunkai for the traditional Kata, are aimed at more literally demonstrating the practical Bunkai within. These compliment the traditional Kata but one of the main differences is that the moves are more technically challenging to execute. These have now been incorporated into our existing grading syllabus.

New comers

During February we were joined by two new students; Simon and Bruce. Neither Simon nor Bruce had done any form of martial art in the past so this was a big unknown for them.

Both of them have taken to the Dojo floor very well and are picking up the basics relatively quickly. I think this was helped by the warm welcome given from the other students and the fact that they made them feel involved. A big thank you to my students. I hope both Simon and Bruce continue to train and grow with our Dojo.

Happy training!

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