Karate's beginnings

Karate is a Japanese martial art yet it has a rich history.  Karate’s roots are believed to have originated in India, and these martial arts teachings were spread into China and then finally on to Okinawa, islands off the south coast of mainland Japan.  In the early 1900’s Japan absorbed the Okinawan Te and created the beginings of modern day Karate-Do.
There are many different styles of Karate and countless more schools and training dojos, but all generally follow the same precepts or rules.  Shotokan Karate-Do is one of three main styles of Karate and was introduced to the world by Gichin Funakoshi during the early 1900′s. Funakoshi is considered the Grandfather of modern day karate as he was instrumental in introducing karate to the the Western world.

Chidokan Karate-Do

The Hombu Dojo (headquarters) of Gichin Funakoshi was in Tokyo and it was here he trained the next generation of Karate Sensei. Chidokan is a form of Karate that was derived from Shotokan Karate-Do and was founded by two students of Gichin Funakoshi, Hanshi Sasaki and Kyoshi Sasaki on 8 November 1954.

Chidokan in Australia

Our Dojo was founded in 1969 by Kyoshi Sensei Clutterbuck after he completed his training as an Uchi Deshi at the Hombu Dojo in Japan. The Dojo was first opened at the North Sydney Police Boys Club on Falcon Street in 1969 and decades later, we are proud to still training there.
Chidokan Australia is currently a member of the Australian Traditional Karate-Do Federation.
Come and join us for a lesson and find out how you can benefit from the traditional art of Karate-Do.