Author name: Chidokan

Kata Showdown

We had a busy month of cross training with other Dojos including, PDK, Kurrajong and a Kata Showdown with GKR. A visiting instructor and a Kata Showdown Juan Perez is a Nidan with GKR and has a dojo in Northbirgde. Terry knows Juan well and invited him to come and train with us. Before class, …

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Learning the basics of working with a cane or umbrella at the AFTK National Seminar

Self-defence with the use of the cane

At the AFTK National Seminar last weekend Soke Glen Smith took us through self-defence with the use of the cane, walking stick or umbrella. His session focused on the practical and effective self-defence techniques these everyday items have to offer. Below is a video Kai Kihon as performed by Glen and some of his students at the AFTK National Seminar 2015.

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