Shotokan kata bunkai – AFTK Sydney Seminar

The Sydney Australian Federation of Traditional Karate seminar held in Lane Cove Bowling Club had a great turn out on a rare sunny March day. The seminar had attendees from Queensland from Bubishi Martial Arts, [...]

Practical Karate in Australia – Iain Abernethy Seminar

  The flight down to Melbourne from Sydney is always early and never easy. This was well worth it. The trip was to attend the Iain Abernethy three day seminar in Melbourne. There is a [...]

Kata Showdown

We had a busy month of cross training with other Dojos including, PDK, Kurrajong and a Kata Showdown with GKR. A visiting instructor and a Kata Showdown Juan Perez is a Nidan with GKR and [...]

The art of body shifting plus a little Aikido

Tai Sabaki The focus of this month was Tai-Sabaki so we devoted the majority of the time working on the art of body shifting plus a little Aikido. We spent a lot of time focusing on Yoko-Geri and [...]

AFTK National Seminar 2015

AFTK National Seminar 2015 This month we made the trip to Ashgrove in Queensland for the the AFTK National Seminar 2015.  This is the first seminar held by the AFTK (Australian Federation of Traditional Karate) [...]

Self-defence with the use of the cane

At the AFTK National Seminar last weekend Soke Glen Smith took us through self-defence with the use of the cane, walking stick or umbrella. His session focused on the practical and effective self-defence techniques these everyday items have to [...]

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