Our first trip to Kurrajong

The Kurrajong trip David Hennesey is a Karate-Ka from the early 2000's and was the last Shodan under Kyoshi Sensei Clutterbuck. David has moved around in the past 10 years or so which has made it challenging [...]

Kids night at the Dojo

Kids night at the Dojo The Winter school holidays happened this month so we invited the kids along to join our classes.  Bruce's kids, Luke and Amber came to training the same night Sam and Lucy [...]

Amazing techniques of Aikido

  This month we were fortunate enough to get a visit from our good friend Elna but this time she didn't come alone.  Her Sensei, Bruce Robertson came with her so that they could demonstrate some of the [...]

Horse stance and chariots

Horse stance and chariots The foundation of great technique is great stance.  A stable, strong and balanced stance coupled with lightning fast footwork and  accurate foot placement is a must for all Karate-Ka.  Well, it [...]

Kids at the dojo

Kids galore This month we had more kids at the Dojo than ever before.  We were visited by the young Tabley boys early in the month.  Macrus and Daniel came along to watch a class [...]

Heian Sandan Bunkai

Heian Sandan Bunkai The Vines below are a selection of our Bunkai for Heian Sandan. The returning Kiba-Dachi moves The last move (180 degree spin) The last move with an alternate finish

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