Hangetsu Bunkai

Hangetsu Bunkai The Vines below are a selection of our Bunkai for Hangetsu (or Seisan). The Hisa-Geri The Mae-Geri and Age Uke  

Our grading syllabus gets an update

The Chidokan Grading Syllabus The Chidokan grading syllabus has been in place since the 1960's. Our syllabus is a comprehensive and balanced approach to Shotokan Karate-Do. Well, that's what we believe. Each grade has a [...]

Kihon-Yon-Dosa is a fantastic platform to focus on Dachi

What a great start to the year! We started back at training on 6th Jan and wasted no time getting back into things.  All the usual suspects were present plus a few returnees. It's good [...]

2014 was a great year

2014 was a great year for Chidokan. It was a great year in the Dojo with 700 hours of training, 3 Gasshuku and plenty of cross training. 45th Anniversary Gasshuku - Group Photo 2014 [...]

A month on Heian Sandan

Heian Sandan With the end of the year drawing close I wanted to give my students something new to work on.  So we spent a month on Heian Sandan.  Up until now, the Kyu grades [...]

45 years of Karate

45th Anniversary Gasshuku 2014 marks the 45th year of Chidokan in Australia.  To celebrate this event the November Gasshuku was held in North Sydney. Friday Soshi Sensei Hudson arrived at lunchtime and after a quick [...]

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