Bunkai, Bunkai and more Bunkai

Bunkai Iain Abernathy's is a Bunkai guru from the UK and hold seminars around the world on the application of Karate moves.  He posted a blog last month asking everyone to vote on a sequence [...]

45th Anniversary preparations

45th Anniversary Gasshuku The Gasshuku at the end of this month celebrates 45 years of Chidokan in Australia.  Soshi Sensei Hudson commenced his training at the North Sydney PCYC in 1969 and is still going [...]

September was a month for cross training and bunkai

The Gasshuku is only a month or so away so we've been working hard in preparation.  We have been focussing on our tools as well as the main Kihon. The intensity of the classes increased [...]

What would we do without Kara-Zuki

Training this month The focus of our training this month was the Kara-Zuki exercises.  Kara-Zuki, roughly translated, means basic punching and we have three distinct exercises in our Kihon.  This article explains it in more [...]

The girls are tougher than the boys during winter

It was a cold July Only the girls made it to the 7am training sessions during the coldest weeks of winter. They were also the only ones who turned up to the evening classes during our [...]

A grading, some videos and a boxing lesson

June was a busy month. We had a grading presentation, our website commenced its overhaul and we jumped in the ring with some boxers. 8th Kyu Grading At the beginning of the month we had a grading [...]

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