Would a Karate student survive a Boxing match?

Cross training was strongly discouraged in our dojo during the last part of the 20th century, so our experience of other martial arts, or any form of combat sport, has been limited to say the least. [...]

The old Cairns dojo get back in touch

Students from the past, again At the start of the month we were contacted by Darren Garth. Darren is a Shodan who trained at the Cairns dojo under Soshi Sensei Hudson (Renshi Sensei Hudson back [...]

That first year went past almost as quick as my Gyaku-Zuki

Our first year back The aim of starting the dojo was to re-establish a Sydney based presence for Chidokan. I think our first year achieved that. North Sydney PCYC was the location of the original Hombu [...]

Autumn 2014 Gasshuku – Rigorous training

To hear Soshi's announcement that the focus of this Gasshuku was rigorous training was a clear indication that we were in for some seriously hard training.  Soshi was obviously making up for the last minute [...]


Four students were awarded their grading certificates this month.  Bryan, Santina and Jamie were all awarded their 9th Kyu and Terry was awarded his 5th Kyu. Congratulations to all of you! Ian, Bryan and Jamie [...]

Uchi Uke

The challenge for this month was the introduction of Uchi Uke into our Kihon exercises as well as to explore the Kata that include it. I find the most effective way to teach (and learn) [...]

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