Age Uke

The first lesson back for the year started at 7am on a Monday morning and there was a great turn out.  The theme for January was Age Uke which we practised it in all the [...]

Christmas time

As Christmas approached I expected class sizes to get smaller but I was wrong. Students kept to their normal routine and some even came to additional classes throughout the weeks.  In response, and probably because its [...]

Our first grading

The big news this month was our first grading, which saw Dawn receive her 9th Kyu grade in the traditional way.  Some clubs organise periodic grading events where students are tested on their syllabus and [...]

November Gasshuku 2013

The November Gasshuku was held at Tocal between 1st and 3rd November and was a challenging, painful and highly rewarding event.  Soshi Sensei Hudson took us back to basics on the Friday evening session with Gyaku-Zuki [...]

Blasts from the past

October was our busiest month since re-opening and holds the record for the largest class to date - nine students.  Santina San brought her friend Alison along to try a lesson and she happened to turn [...]

Renchi Sensei’s 1st visit

September was a big month! It was the month Jamie San started with us, and like Santina San, he fell over himself to get a gi.  His first lesson was a busy one with plenty [...]

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