Shotokan kata bunkai – AFTK Sydney Seminar

The Sydney Australian Federation of Traditional Karate seminar held in Lane Cove Bowling Club had a great turn out on a rare sunny March day. [...]

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Practical Karate in Australia – Iain Abernethy Seminar

  The flight down to Melbourne from Sydney is always early and never easy. This was well worth it. The trip was to attend the [...]

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The art of body shifting plus a little Aikido

Tai Sabaki The focus of this month was Tai-Sabaki so we devoted the majority of the time working on the art of body shifting plus a little [...]

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AFTK National Seminar 2015

AFTK National Seminar 2015 This month we made the trip to Ashgrove in Queensland for the the AFTK National Seminar 2015.  This is the first [...]

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Heian Sandan Bunkai

Heian Sandan Bunkai The Vines below are a selection of our Bunkai for Heian Sandan. The returning Kiba-Dachi moves The last move (180 degree spin) [...]

By | March 17th, 2015|Bunkai, Heian, Heian Sandan, Sydney|3 Comments

Hangetsu Bunkai

Hangetsu Bunkai The Vines below are a selection of our Bunkai for Hangetsu (or Seisan). The Hisa-Geri The Mae-Geri and Age Uke  

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