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That first year went past almost as quick as my Gyaku-Zuki

Our first year back The aim of starting the dojo was to re-establish a Sydney based presence for Chidokan. I think our first year achieved that. [...]

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Four students were awarded their grading certificates this month.  Bryan, Santina and Jamie were all awarded their 9th Kyu and Terry was awarded his 5th [...]

By | March 31st, 2014|Sydney|2 Comments

Uchi Uke

The challenge for this month was the introduction of Uchi Uke into our Kihon exercises as well as to explore the Kata that include it. [...]

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Age Uke

The first lesson back for the year started at 7am on a Monday morning and there was a great turn out.  The theme for January [...]

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Christmas time

As Christmas approached I expected class sizes to get smaller but I was wrong. Students kept to their normal routine and some even came to additional [...]

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Our first grading

The big news this month was our first grading, which saw Dawn receive her 9th Kyu grade in the traditional way.  Some clubs organise periodic [...]

By | November 30th, 2013|Sydney|1 Comment

Blasts from the past

October was our busiest month since re-opening and holds the record for the largest class to date - nine students.  Santina San brought her friend [...]

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Renchi Sensei’s 1st visit

September was a big month! It was the month Jamie San started with us, and like Santina San, he fell over himself to get a [...]

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More students

The size of Tuesday classes are growing but Thursday's don't seem to have the same appeal. No doubt that will change given time as Dawn [...]

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New student

July saw the arrival of the dojo's first ever regular student. Dawn San had her first lesson around the middle of the month and enjoyed it [...]

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