Special Offer

Intro special: The first lesson is free

What to expect

Experience the raw intensity of a traditional Japanese Karate club.

Join us for a free trial lesson and experience traditional Karate. Benefit from some of the highest quality instruction in Japanese Karate-Do in and learn dynamic and realistic self-defence, heightened coordination and reflexes, discipline and confidence.

Join us at our general classes for your first lesson and start your Karate journey.

In our friendly and supportive atmosphere you will learn:

  • Traditional Karate-Do
  • Dynamic and realistic self defence
  • Discipline and confidence
  • Heightened coordination and reflexes

For teens and adults, our classes are tailored to suit your needs.

We help individuals of all ages and levels of abilities to grow confidence and get fit.


Before you begin your class

A few things to maximise your experience in your free trial class.

  • Get the all-clear from your doctor
  • bring a water bottle
  • wear comfortable loose fitting or work out clothes
  • arrive 10 minutes before the class to meet the instructor and get some instructions.

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