Sensei Baddock is an exceptional instructor with a firm grasp on both the traditional kata forms and their applications. The Chidokan dojo is a welcoming environment skewed toward an advanced understanding of the art. The school is accepting, welcoming and fun. The school emphasizes a strong and dynamic style based on traditional Okinawan Shotokan. I …

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I really enjoy training at the Dojo with Sensei Baddock. The classes are intense but so much fun and always seem to be over far to quickly. I used to think the Monday morning classes were too hard but now they are the best way to start the week!


When I started training I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up or do any of the exercises. I was so wrong. I’m so pleased with my progress and can’t believe how much I’ve learnt.


It’s such a pleasure being a small part of the history of this dojo. I really like the mix of discipline of Karate with the modern day applications and humour. The old adage goes “Karate training is for life.” and I’m starting to believe it’s incredibly true.

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